OMG! Enough Already

Something went terribly wrong with the conversion process when uploading to Amazon. 


This is what the layout should look like:


This is what I’m getting.


Pretty much every page looks like this. I’ve tried half a dozen times with varying results, but all pretty much look the same. I’m working with Amazon to figure out what is happening. I may have to lose the graphics I’ve inserted, which is okay. I’d like to keep them, but if it comes to losing the graphics and meeting the deadline, then that’s what I’ll do. Hopefully we’ll have it resolved by the release date. If not I’ll have to go through and do a manual layout in HTML, which will be tedious and time consuming. Please bear with me while I get this worked out. We’re almost there.

Thanks for your patience.

4 Responses to “OMG! Enough Already”

  • jeff says:

    Hey hey its the 30th wheres the book ?

  • Malasephus says:

    I’m working out formatting issues with Amazon. Once they’ve been resolved we’ll go live. Again, I know this is frustrating. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

  • jeff says:

    Well then I will look back here next weekend to see if it got published

  • jeff says:

    The guy who writes the admiral who series would probably help you out if you asked him he and his brother are pretty good at getting the conversion right for amazon just a thought

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