A Season of Storms, the correct version

Those of you who have been following the blog or Facebook know the troubles I’ve been having with this version of the book. Technology is a wonderful thing, and the opportunity it gives authors to take unprecedented control of their work  is no small thing. It does, however, come with headaches, and this has been very true for me with the release of the second book.

Fortunately only 9 copies were sold before I realized that the wrong file was being pushed out to people who bought the book. I have since uploaded the correct version, but it isn’t pushing out to the individuals who bought it.

So, while Amazon has been great and very responsive, it still hasn’t resolved the issue. Consequently, I’m providing the file with the correct version for those of you who have bought the book.

This opens a chance for piracy, which I am hoping does not happen. Remember, if I don’t get paid there’s no incentive to write, and I am trusting everyone not to share this file, but to send those interested in getting a copy to Amazon so that I can get paid.

It took three years from book one to book two because I have to work and that means I can only write when I have time. Help me succeed by not sharing this with others who did not buy the book.



Now, on to business. To get to the download will require a few steps: Please email me with a screenshot of your order screen, which can be reached by going to the book’s page while logged in and go to the book page found here:

A Season of Storms

Once there, you’ll see an indication that you bought the book, and on what date.  There’s a link that allows you to see the order if you click on it.


This will take you to a page where you’ll see your order. Send me a screenshot at the following address and I’ll reply with your fixed copy.


Please use the following email to request your corrected copy.  Thanks


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