season of storms mountain



Then will I put forth my hand and pluck the sun from the heavens, and cast my cloak over the moon, and with my breath will I snuff out the stars, and Darkness shall fill the land.The prison of Noss shall be broken asunder, its foundations rent, and I will walk the land withersoever I will, and my people will know me.And then will mine enemies forswear their enmity, for I shall slay them and raise their flesh anew, servants to me forever more.”

From Malasephus Unbound –

The events in the dungeons of Malasephus have caused chaos in the land.  Fragile allegiances are shattered as the Feallen prepare for war.  Fruur, one of the Ancient Makers of the world corrupted by the Beckoning haunts the land, and a new, terrifying power is moving like a shadow in the night.  At the heart of it all sits Jarick, the Jewel of  the West, and the key to vast power and wealth.

Filled with intrigue, and fast paced action, A Season of Storms continues the epic adventure that started in The Rune that Binds.  A Season of Storms is the second book in the Sommerstone Chronicles, and is scheduled for release in 2014.