Rune_that_binds_finalThe Book of Sumis, also known as the Face of God, is the central book to the Sumisarian faith. Part scripture, part magical tome, the Sumis is the foundation of rune magic.  While it is possible to find all they mysteries of the runes in its pages, they are hidden in parables and fable, and other stories designed to impart wisdom to the student.  This is to ensure that the student grows in wisdom as they grow in power. 

The Sumis is therefore the source of both wisdom and power, but over long years many of its teachings regarding how to form the runes have been written down in other books, securing in their pages the power of the runes, but not the wisdom of the Sumis. 

This practice led to the use of runes by others than the Sumisarians, such as the Tair.  It also led to the greatest betrayal of their order.  The Prince of Jarick, a Rune Master who once studied with the Sumisarian betrayed their trust and left the order to serve Malasephus as the Prince of the city state of Jarick.

Since his betrayal, many of those apocryphal books were banned and either destroyed or sealed away where they could not be accessed by inexperienced practitioners, but a great number of the books were stolen by the Prince when he fled the order, and are rumored to be hidden in the palace at Jarick.  Whether this is true or not, the one fact that remains is the Prince of Jarick is the most accomplished of the Sumisarians, having used the runes to extend his life beyond his numbered days. 

Second only to opposing Malasephus, the Sumisarians seek to bring him to justice.