The world is a dark place, the boundaries of life and death are defined by sunrise and sunset, and men hide behind rune-warded walls at night, fearful of the dead who cannot be killed, and the Beckoning that fills them, luring men to their deaths.

Long ago the Virtues abandoned the world to their fallen brother, Malasephus who rules in their absence as a god.  But to the people of the Westlands he is demon who haunts and hunts them.  He has filled the world with his essence, the Beckoning, which brings to life all those who have died, filling their flesh with a strange, erotic allure so that they are more beautiful in death than life.

The are drawn to the living, even as the power of the Beckoning draws the living to them, and their numbers are as the stars of heaven.

When everyone he knows is killed by the Beckoning, Jan swears an oath of vengeance against the servants of Malasephus, but events he cannot understand are happening, and his fate is tied to a sword forged three thousand years before he was born.  The Virtues have returned, and they have chosen Jan to be the Whisper of God.

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